Gracie and her sisters would practice crying in front of the mirror. They played a game called “Make Me Cry”, where one would insult the other to the point of tears. Gracie mastered a technique of screaming that would pierce the skin and create chaos. She was so successful with her scream that she pretty much got whatever she wanted.

Once, on a plane where her dad was separated from the the family by several rows, Gracie went AWOL. The entire plane stopped whatever activities they were involved in and appeared horrified by the chaos being created by Gracie. The passenger next to her father said, “Those parents must be useless”, and the father agreed.

Gracie possessed a Pink Panther style of ambush, where you’d suddenly see this child flying from the top of the table at you. This need to leap at people had her head-to-head with her dad in the actual number of stitches on her body. She was very proud of this fact, and was determined to outnumber him.

Her father loved how fearless Gracie was. She’d pick up spiders and crabs and climb impossible rocks.

Her aunt, Juliette, once described Gracie as being hypersensitive. And, the truth is, Gracie was perfectly happy to sit at home all day, creating. Her creations were utterly unique and industrious. Though she suffered from dyslexia, she would often make books. Then she would give them away in some grand manner.

She never cared what people thought of her. She was independent of the need for approval.

It was rare that she would give you a hug; but, when it happened, it was such a surprise it would send a kiss into your heart.